Research and Information

Main responsibilities:

  1. Conducts follow-up/ tracer studies of TVET graduates. 
  2. Carries out feasibility studies for establishing new Technical Schools (TS).
  3. Conducts Training Needs Assessment (TNA).
  4. Conducts other research studies as per needs and request from concerned agencies and customers.
  5. Establishes and operates Training Management Information System (TMIS) and Geographical Information System (GIS).
  6. Publishes and disseminates TVET related information to public and all concerned stakeholders.
  7. Makes television programs to inform the public about its activities. 

Moreover, it also provides consultancy services in TVET sub-sector conducting massive research activities as per the demand of the schools/ institutes. These research products are used for training, planning and project proposal development. In addition, instructional training, curriculum development and skill testing services are provided to government, semi-government and private sectors as per their demand.