Formerly known as Annex Division

 TECS programmme is a suplementary programmme aiming to provide technical education and vocational training to unemployed and none college bound/dropout youths. This programmme is conceptuallized to implement in the general secondary schools as a pilot programme for maximum utilization of esisting physical facilities, human resources, management and socisl value of the school.

The goal of Annex programme are to,

  • Increase the access of poor, women and disadvantaged people to TEVT
  • Maximize the utilization of existing resources available in secondary school
  • Promote the active participation of local bodies and other organization in TEVT programme
  • Bring the TEVT programme with in the reach of the target group
  • Plan and implement locally demanded training programme
  • Assess needy prople and lauch training programme for them
  • Plan training programme for upgrading local indigenous technology
  • Develop entrepreneurship skill to minimize unemployment and underemployment